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For too long, the voices of taxpayers and parents have been ignored by an out-of-control School Board that answers to far-left liberal interest instead of the families and taxpayers of Lee County. I am running to be your voice and bring conservative leadership to our School Board. I would be honored to earn your vote and support.

God’s Blessings,

Dan Severson

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Dan Severson is running for the Lee County School Board to put parents back in control of their children’s education. Out of control spending, infighting, and liberal policies have taken the focus away from what is truly important- providing our next generation with a quality education, and ensuring they can learn in a safe environment. Dan believes a conservative community deserves a conservative School Board, and he is running to represent our voice and our concerns.

During Dan’s 22 years of Naval service, he logged over 3200 flight hours as a Top Gun Fighter Pilot and retired as a Commander. During his career he earned the Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, and two Meritorious Service Medals for exceptional leadership.​​

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Dan has a long history of experience in the education field. Coming from a family of educators, both parents were teachers and he taught both in the Navy as a flight instructor and later in public schools as a substitute teacher. After his retirement from the military, Dan ran for public office and served eight years as a Minnesota State Representative.  During his eight years in the Minnesota House, Dan held executive leadership roles and was selected to serve as Minority Whip. Dan served the people of Minnesota by upholding and fighting for strong conservative values, lower taxes, smaller government, pro-life issues, veteran benefits, and judicial accountability. 

Dan and his wife of 47 years, Cathy Jo, returned to Florida and settled in Cape Coral in 2015 after falling in love with its natural beauty. They attend Life Church in Ft Myers and are very active in their church community. Since moving home to Florida and relocating to Cape Coral, Dan has immersed himself in Southwest Florida politics. Experience, leadership, and vision are the hallmarks of Dan's life of service to country and community.  

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Put Parents Back In Charge

Dan knows that first and foremost, the education of a child is the responsibility of the parent, and public-school education should not violate the core values of the family. Dan supports an “opt in” provision for sex education curriculum in our schools. Issues dealing with gender identity and health are fundamental family values issues and if they are taught in the public education institution, it must be in an opt in only format. Dan will ensure that the curriculum must be fully reviewable by the parent both before and during the class presentation.

School Safety

Parents send their children to school entrusting that they will be safe from both physical and emotional harm. Dan supports implementing the Guardian program as part of first responders’ defense to attacks on our school campuses. Guardians are armed personnel who aid in the prevention of violent incidents on school premises. They are either employees of the school who volunteer, or personnel hired for the specific purpose of serving as a school guardian. Guardians must pass psychological and drug screenings, and successfully complete training. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission found that having Guardians in schools is the best way to ensure highly trained personnel are in place to prevent and respond immediately in the event of a shooting. Lee County School Board has failed to implement this lifesaving tool - Dan will change this.

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School Choice

Dan believes that competition breeds innovation, and school choice is the key to reforming our public education system- a child’s destiny should not be determined by their zip code. Parents should be able to decide where their children will be educated, rather than being confined to the school closest to them. Making schools compete for enrollment ensures that parents are able to pursue the right fit for their child’s educational needs, providing them with the greatest opportunity to excel.

Eliminate Critical Race Theory

Dan will lead the charge to ensure that all educational curriculums are screened to eliminate Critical Race Theory (CRT) and 1619 Project material. He believes that CRT undermines the values that have sustained our liberties for more than 240 years. The CRT initiative is rooted in communism and uses propaganda to promote the idea that America is inherently racist. Dan will ensure that this will not indoctrinate our students.

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Protecting Your Tax Dollars

For too long, the Lee County School Board has forgotten that the money they spend belongs to you, and fiscal mismanagement has run rampant. Dan will scrutinize every dollar spent to ensure that it is used to best serve students and teachers, rather than bureaucrats and failed projects. While serving in the state legislature in Minnesota, Dan prevented a $3.2 billion dollar tax increase, and will bring this fiscally conservative philosophy to the School Board. 



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